elrow Announces ‘Dance With The Serpent’ USA Tour

Dance Rebel

For this 2023, the artist chosen to create the theme has been the Austrian artist based in LA, Nychos, who has designed a new elrow universe inspired in the movement of dancing called “Dance with the Serpent”. 

In December, the Arnau’s global brand will make its debut in the USA with the theme “Dance with the Serpent” by artist NYCHOS. This experience immerses us in the fascinating world of snakes, vibrant creatures that exhibit unique and complex levels of aesthetics in motion. They may entice us into darkness, the very place where we can truly discover the light. After all, the snake has been a symbol of healing across numerous cultures, whether it’s the serpent entwined around the rod of Asclepius or Kundalini, the primal creative force that rises up the spine to unite with cosmic energy.

After the resounding success of its colossal show on the White Island last September 30th, “Dance with the Serpent” embarks on its maiden journey to the United States, featuring a magical tour with stops in three vibrant cities: New York, Miami and Chicago.

“Dance is about immersing ourselves in a vibration that makes us happy. And happiness is the state of being that enables us to synchronize – with ourselves, our surroundings, and the great power of the Universe.”, said Nychos. “Once again, with this new theme, elrow aims to astonish and innovate through a fresh collaboration with creative minds from the realms of art, comics, and cinema…” – including Juan and Cruz Arnau, the founders of elrow.

Nychos sees the “Dance”, as a state of meditation, ecstasy, an immersion into a vibration that makes us happy, where we lose sense of time, the world around us and experience an immediate state of being. Dance is where we synchronize. It is where transformation happens, it’s where movement sheds old layers of skin and allows something new to emerge.

The grand premiere of “Dance with the Serpent” will take place at our home in New York at Avant Gardner on December 2nd. The tour’s second stop will be in Miami on December 7th, coinciding with the renowned Miami Art Basel Week. For the second consecutive year, we’ve chosen “The Factory Town” as our destination. To conclude this extraordinary tour, elrow will land in Chicago on December 16th, where we’ll bring the tour to an epic close at the legendary Radius Chicago club.

“We are very happy to introduce this new theme in USA in collaboration with a great and inspiring artist such as Nychos. Our intention is to continue to break the molds and evolve our platform into new universes embracing in this case the visual landscape of Dance with the Serpent, which explores the parallels of presumed opposites: animal and human, physical and metaphysical, dark and bright, life and death”, comment Juan and Cruz Arnau, elrow founders. 

“United the world of Art and Music is a part of our mission. I’m so thrilled to be bringing elrow’s mesmerizing new immersive experience “Dance with the Serpent” , created in collaboration with a legendary artist Nychos, to America for shows in New York, Miami, and Chicago.”, mentioned Michael Julian, Head of elrow North America. 

As Nychos & the Arnau’s family both believe: Dance is the place where the transformation happens. Get ready to vibe and dance like never before!