Young clubbers have been raising money for charity by turning dance moves into cash through a new app that donates €1 for every 100 steps danced.

In July, the Rave to Save app was tested in Ibiza’s Amnesia and collectively took 1 million steps, with all of the profits going to charities supporting diversity in nightlife — such as Women in Music.

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Attendees sync the app with a wristband that is worn throughout the night which monitors the amount of time dancing and how many steps are taken.

So far, the Ibiza event alone raised over €30,000 for charities, and as well as supporting a good cause through dancing — attendees with the most steps were invited to an exclusive Peggy Gou afterparty and free drinks.

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There have been six events in total so far, and altogether they have raised €64,000 for various inclusivity in dance music charities.

“The Rave to Save campaign highlights the fact that every partygoer has the power to positively impact the future of entertainment,” explains Nicole Barsalona, President of Women in Music.

“Together, we can make the party-going experience safer for all."

According to research, 65% of people want to see a shift towards inclusivity in dance music and clubbing, while six in ten people say they would like to see the party scene do more to support charities.

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Speaking about the importance of inclusivity in dance music, Peggy Gou said: I feel it's important we continue to talk about gender, sexuality & race inequality in the music industry and on the dancefloor, as it is important that we continue to encourage and celebrate diversity within the party scene."

The next rave events that will be raising money include Elrow Town London (August 20), Hype Festival, Elrow Island and Elrow Town Amsterdam.

To attend one of these events for yourself, download the Rave To Save app.

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