elrow Miami Music Week: RowsAttacks 2024


Though it's all a constant blast, we have our bare necessities; we can't live without music, we need a never-ending shower of confetti to survive, we all have to hide behind masks and disguises and we can only live in bouncy castles and other assorted inflatables.

As you can see here, on RowsAttacks, madness and absurdity are everywhere. Our elrowers, our men in black, our ghostbusters and the V lizards all together make up a great team. Our interstellar station with its huge rocket will blast you straight to RowsAttacks. During the ride you'll be accompanied by flying saucers full of space creatures and other assorted astronauts. And an amazing universe full of new galaxies, planets, satellites and stars await you!

elrow Miami Music Week: RowsAttacks 2024 - Flyer front