We are family

Te unes a un linaje de artistas que se remontan a más de 150 años. Debes ganarte tu lugar en la familia y respetarlo, para luego extender ese respeto a los demás con sinceridad, humor y franqueza. Asegúrate de ser accesible y cordial, y de no estar nunca demasiado ocupado para escuchar y ayudar.

We’re all part of the party

Everybody joins in the fun, and we lead by example. Our habitat is the dance floor and everybody’s welcome. Our fun is contagious because it’s real. We radically believe that the show must go on.
We rock the party

We are humble

Always be part of the party and never think you’re better than it. Keep your feet on the ground (and the dance floor). It’s the only way to make sure our shows are truly a collective experience.

We are open

Aliens welcome and anything goes. Celebrate weirdness in all its amazing forms. If we try hard and fall, we get up laughing, because we know that risks keep our hearts beating and our minds flying.

We trade in WOWs

‘Great’ just isn’t good enough. Shock, surprise and delight. We don’t want people to feel comfortable, we want them to feel amazed and provoked. We are not a formula; we are the constantly unexpected, happening right in front of your eyes.