Ibiza. Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Elrow threw a party on a pirate ship with a definite sparRow vibe. But somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedrá the ship went off course and entered the white island's wildest waters: the Rowmuda Triangle. The music and the noise of the crowd awoke and infuriated the Craken, the island's most dangerous animal. This savage underwater creature swallowed the pirate boat in just one bite, setting the partygoers off on a surreal journey deep inside the Craken. The party on-board the boat had already been pretty fantastic, but this took them into a completely different dimension. Words cannot describe what they experienced in the Rowmuda Triangle. Imagine an insane mix of The Island, Lost and also Alive; a wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, crashed planes, insane sea creatures and hippy communes under the sea. The party everybody was talking about, “THE PARTY OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS”.


Craken the sea creature and our pirate ship are the big stars of this new show. If you're on the same wavelength as we are and can decipher our elRow Treasure Map, you'll find your way to the Party of Eternal Happiness: a secret island with a community of travellers dancing beneath the waves among sea creatures, old sunken airplanes and rusty shipwrecks. And even though you'll find us on the seabed, we'll be enjoying a good dose of sun, sandy beaches and palm trees.


Elrow sound 100%. It's summer, you're in Ibiza, you're a step from the beach… it's the best time of all to groove to some electronic music. This show is your path to eternal happiness, it'll remind you of beach bars, great vibes and all the energy of the summer. In the Rowmuda Triangle you'll dance to the sound of mermaids and summer parties.


An invasion of pirates in a weird, underwater world will unfold before you, as well as a bunch of crazy nomads, smiling hostesses and zany passengers all with the unique mission of finding the island and getting to THE PARTY.

And YOU!

You are one of the lucky few to step into the Party of Eternal Happiness. You could be one-legged pirate, a beautiful mermaid, a snappy-looking pilot or a hippy backpacker. However you come, this show rocks a full summer vibe, so don't forget to bring loads of energy, get into your serious good time mode and go wild. We <3 summer, we ❤ IBIZA.