A weird, comic book combination of music, people on stilts, bouncing balls and whatever else you can imagine - if you're as crazy as we are - is the excuse to look up at the sun (yeah, we said sun) and say what the f**k am I doing here surrounded by absolute madness and friends. And if you need an answer you've probably walked into the wrong party.


Impossible scenarios, multi-shaped props. The Singermorning colors,
white and red, rule the atmosphere displaying a shocking colored adult playground and
a delightful sensory overload.


Music with beats from the Balkans and Gypsy swing welcomes the crowd to the
venue. A mix of the finest international electronic artists and elrow resident DJs cater
a pulsating sound system.


Our team of giants on stilts wander around the dance floor pretending to
have a shower. If they feel like it, they might play tennis amongst the crowd.
Anything goes, craziness is everywhere.

And YOU!

From the moment you step through the door, you become a Singermorning.
A beautiful red chaos, you will dress up with the party uniform: super-hero costumes,
sunglasses, tees, smileys, red wigs, etc.