Crashed DJs, pulsating rhythms, wild animals, lost explorers and fun-loving jungle dwellers. What's to go wrong? Pretty much everything but a healthy dose of samba and carnival soon electrify this eccentric and assorted crowd. Lost in the foliage anything can happen and you're right in the middle. So get dancing!


Bring your jungle camouflage because you'll be in the thick of one. And don't worry if you get lost too, because you'll be surrounded by tropical fruit at every step. But don't think you can just lie back and relax, because if a Brazilian street party is wild, just imagine how they mix it up in the middle of the jungle.


There's nothing better than electronic beats mixed with a bit of jungle rhythm to get those feet stamping. Or maybe there is? Yep, Samba! And what if we mix our electronic Samba with a bit of batucada? Now you're talking!


Nothing stops a party in Brazil even in the jungle. Although you're miles from civilisation, whistle and out pop a troupe of Samba dancers, a few carnival floats, drummers, footballers and even some shanty town party people, bearing gifts like cassava snacks and other Brazilian delicacies.

And YOU!

Life's a carnival so you've get to get dressed up for the occasion. And getting pimped up Brazilian style isn't like going to your office party. Just grab a few feathers, drag out your grandma's old boa, and start working those hips, Samba style.