It's 50 AC. All of elrowia is occupied by the Romans. Except one little hamlet, inhabited by some irrepressible fun lovers who keep the Romans at bay thanks to a magic potion that makes them invincible. Finally, the Romans, sick of losing all the time, and in a gesture of peace, invite them to their Rowlympic Games. And so was born the ancient tradition, where athletes and barbarows joyfully competed to see who got to be the greatest party animal of all.


You're in Julius Caesar's Rome (pretty much like today, minus the tourists and pizza houses, and everything's just a little bit newer), where you'll find all your usual Olympic gear: Olympic flames, torches, rings, vaulting poles and a whole lot of weird stuff your average athlete goes wild for.


When some famous football coach told his players, “You have no rhythm”, was he ever right; you need a lot of it to be a Rowlympic winner. So, we've prepared an marathon electronic session to get you moving like a world-class party athlete. On your marks, get set, dance!


We've reinforced our team of Gauls for the Rowlympic Games with a lot of other muscular athletes (tiny leather shorts included), Cleopatra's dancers, Greeks, Romans, and, if you take a good look, you'll even see a few of their Gods and Goddesses having a drink with the mortals, too.

And YOU!

Don't waste any time and get those javelin skills down by practising with the mop and train for the shotput with your grandma's bag. Because if you want to get your dancing hands on that crown of laurels, you're going to have to give it all you've got!