Rowgelia has been promoted to Community Manager thanks to her weirder than weird online posting style. To celebrate it she's throwing her own party and it's 100% Rowgelia style. All her rowdy friends from the farm are invited, even her twin sister Rowberta, who is a serious party chicken. Remember, what happens in the barn, stays in the barn.


Walk into Rowgelia's farm and you'll be surrounded by roaming herds of mischievous critters who grew up on a diet of American cartoons, and now can't live without their sticks of dynamite, huge eggs, Road Runners and coyotes.


Our DJs will never be far away from their electronic sessions but, in honour of all our animal friends, they'll also be going al good ole boy on us with a healthy dose of country to get us all barn-dancing our boots off.


Rowgelia and her twin sister, Rowerta, leading the show, the fun is guaranteed, especially when they release their troupe of cockerels, bears, pigs, cows and other cartoon characters who've left their comic book homes to do some serious partying.

And YOU!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So, while the party lasts make sure you blend into the fauna by being be as bad as the rest of the gang. That's the only way we can feel that Rowgelia is going to be in the sort of rowdy company she deserves.