The theme debut is Delusionville and will be a live reinterpretation of the famous POPaganda art movement, the fruit of the imagination of the well-known “godfather of street art“, Ron English. “I think life is more exciting if you do things your way, even if it's not in the way or in the order that everyone expects,“ explains Ron English of Delusionville's leitmotif. This theme is an itinerant initiative that will travel, making stops in the main world capitals of culture and entertainment.
The artist's particular style and extraordinary interpretation of the most radical, satirical and humorous art will be reflected in this journey into pop art culture on elrow.
Once upon a time on planet Earth, a spaceship full of alien rabbits crash-landed and were immediately eaten by wolves. A few rabbits escaped by hopping down the hole in the earth's surface created by the blast of their malfunctioning propulsion system, an underground upside-down paradise called Delusionville.
From the singular imagination of world-renowned artist Ron English comes the rabbbit-hole utopia of Delusionville, “If you believe, it doesn't have to be true.”


Enter the upside down subterranean world of Delusionville, a place with metamorphic landscapes populated by anthropomorphic animals grappling with delusions of ecstasy and heartbreak. Think of it like Aesop's Fables meets Animal Farm.


For this project, Ron's universe will be transformed into the most important and special events that elrow will carry out. The premiere was at the iconic Amnesia Ibiza club, but we will be able to see the magic of Delusionville at events planned for the coming months. There, the best DJs on the planet will be in charge of drawing a sound landscape according to a surreal, chaotic and multisensory scenography.


Delusionville's cast of characters span the social hierarchies of history, from the mighty buzzards to the lowly wolves, the earnest sheep to the enterprising pigs, giving voice to the greatest delusion!

And YOU!

Join this work of art and as Ron English says, this time don't come as yourself, but as somebody else ;)