Fly high elrow style with the announcement of new exclusive party airline, elrowAir

Dancing Astronaut

The group behind some of the world’s most in-demand, extravagant parties, elrow is breaking ground…or, rather air, with an exciting new announcement. elrowAir, an independent airline which caters to partygoers around the world, is launching with big plans for 2020 and beyond. elrowAir will begin its first routes this coming summer with a Milan to Las Vegas flight which will shuttle European fans to elrow’s first residency show in Vegas on May 19. Later this month, the airline will also debut four direct flights Ibiza to New York, Barcelona to Tokyo, Los Angeles to Amsterdam and São Paolo to Las Vegas.

The party-centric new airline has gutted and transformed a Boeing 737 with a vibrant elrow-style interior design, specialty curated culinary experiences, elrow-appropriate music played by resident DJs, eye-catching neon accents, and more. Much like elrow’s legendary club shows, elrowAir is said to create a variety of different themes to make sure that the customers get a fresh experience every time.

Launching their brand new airline on April Fool’s Day, elrow is expected to soar past the competition with a new brand of luxury party.